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Robert Tommy Tomlinson


Passage of 2019-2020 State Budget

Pennsylvania’s new state budget, which I voted for, holds the line on spending, contains no new tax increases and includes record levels of state funding for public education.

The new state budget calls for $12.8 billion in education funding, the largest-ever state investment in Pennsylvania’s schools. Additionally, the General Assembly renewed $60 million in grant funding to protect students and teachers from violence in schools. Other important education investments include:

  • Basic Education funding increased by $160 million.
  • Pre-K spending increased by $25 million (13 percent), Special Education increased by $5 million (4.4 percent) and Early Intervention services increased by $15 million (5 percent).
  • An across-the-board 2 percent increase in funding for community colleges, state-relate universities

The budget will set aside $300 million in the state’s Rainy Day Fund, which held only $23 million prior to this year’s investment. It also includes increases in funding in agriculture, basic education, career and technical, special education, community colleges, rape crisis and domestic violence services, school safety and security, and job training.

We’ve held the line on the Governor’s spending and practiced good fiscal management as this budget has a 1.8 percent growth, which is under the rate of inflation.

Peak Pennsylvania Tornado Season Upon Us

Peak Pennsylvania tornado season typically runs from April through June, according to the National Weather Service. However, increased tornadic activity in early 2019 may also indicate an above average number of storms in July and August.

The typical May sees 3 tornadoes in PA, while May 2019 witnessed 13 tornadoes. The NWS reports 29 tornadoes to date, though PA’s average is 17 tornadoes annually.

Understand the difference between a tornado watch and a warning. Know what to do before, during, and after a tornado. Sign up for AlertPA to receive emergency and weather-related alerts, health notifications and other updates from Commonwealth and Federal agencies.

Summer Cookout and Picnic Protections

Annually, one or more of 250 different types of foodborne illnesses infect approximately 48 million people, hospitalize 128,000, and kill 3,000 individuals, according to the PA Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.

Tips for packing, transport, site preparation, cross-contamination, and temperatures for storage, serving, grilling, and cooking of food are outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Recognize the most common symptoms of food poisoning including upset stomach, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever and know when to seek medical assistance. Keep in mind, adults aged 65 and older, children under 5, individuals with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women are at greater risk of illness and permanent damage related to food poisoning.

Who Needs a PA Boater Safety Course?

PA Boater Safety Courses are required for those born after January 1, 1982 to operate boats powered by motors greater than 25 horsepower, according to the PA Fish & Boat Commission (PF&BC).

The lifetime certificate may be earned through successful completion of an approved course, including classroom instruction, online courses, or a home-study video-based course.

The PF&BC-issued Boating Safety Education Certificate includes a waterproof plastic card with a hole to conveniently attach it to your life jacket, boat keys, or a lanyard.

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