Tomlinson Bill to Allow Motorcycle Sales on Sunday Heads to Governor

(HARRISBURG) — Legislation sponsored by Senator Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks) that would allow licensed dealers in Pennsylvania to sell motorcycles on Sunday is on its way to the governor to become law.

Senate Bill 419, if signed into law, would give Pennsylvania motorcycle dealers a level playing field with neighboring states that currently allow for Sunday sales. The bill would permit licensed motorcycle dealers to buy, sell, exchange or trade motorcycles on Sundays.

Tomlinson said that many Pennsylvania motorcycle dealerships are already open on Sundays to sell merchandise. They can sell all of the parts to build a motorcycle, but they cannot sell the actual bike. Customers must return to the store to complete the purchase on an actual motorcycle.

“In the past, New York and Delaware allowed for Sunday sales of motorcycles. But last year, both New Jersey and certain counties in Maryland began permitting Sunday sales,” Tomlinson said.  “As a result, consumers in the Southeast can easily travel out of state to purchase their bikes, rather than going to local dealers.”

“I’m pleased that the General Assembly passed this bill. It will stimulate our economy and help Pennsylvania dealers compete with stores in other states and increase their sales,” Tomlinson said.  “It’s a common sense measure that helps Pennsylvania companies and will bring new revenue to our state.”

He said the legislation will not affect the Sunday sales of automobiles.  Those dealerships would remain closed.

Another provision in the bill does involve motor vehicle dealerships. Dealerships would now have additional protections against manufacturers with regard to their sales territory and warranty service reimbursement.



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