Tomlinson’s Childhood Immunization Bill Approved by Committee

The Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee unanimously approved legislation today sponsored by Senator Robert M. “Tommy” Tomlinson that would require the Department of Health to take important steps to increase public awareness of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice’s influenza recommendations for vaccines in children.

The Department of Health would be required to review and improve current immunization activities and education efforts, work with appropriate state agencies and licensed child care facilities to ensure that information on the benefits of yearly immunization is distributed annually. The department would be required to work with health care professionals and public health organizations to develop plans for expanding outreach, and explore the use of schools and alternative venues to administer influenza vaccines to children in a timely manner.

“This legislation will allow providers, especially school nurses, the option to choose what type of delivery method works for them and young children.  It is important to make sure that our children are receiving the best preventative care possible,” said Tomlinson.

Additionally, the legislation would allow the Department of Health to offer school-based influenza vaccine programs.  To the degree that products are available through federal vaccine programs and state funded programs, the Department shall offer a variety of delivery methods, including traditional shots and needle-free delivery methods.

Senate Bill 1171 now goes to the full Senate for consideration.



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