Tomlinson Bill to Aid Car Dealers Approved By Senate

The State Senate today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Tommy Tomlinson (R-Bucks) that would assist car dealers in their business.

Senator SB 921 would reduce the timeframe for manufacturers’ consideration of dealer’s to relocate or pick up another franchise. The bill would also prohibit the manufacturer’s demanding unreasonable expansion, construction or significant modification of dealer facilities or construction of a separate facility if not justified by market and economic conditions.

“In today’s economic environment it is important that a car dealership not be required to make improvements that may impose an unreasonable burden,” Tomlinson said.  “Our goal, through this legislation, is to help small businesses not only survive this economic recession but thrive and grow.”

Tomlinson said the bill would require the repurchase by a manufacturer of additional inventory in the event of a termination, including the repurchase of current and prior model inventory.

“Our goal is to help the businesses that are the economic engines of our economy,” Tomlinson said.  “We want to make laws and policies that help them create jobs and tax dollars.”



Megan Crompton
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